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IRWIN WIENER Painter. Born on October 15, 1921, in Cleveland, Ohio. Graduated in 1943 from the Eastman School of Music with a bachelor of music. Irwin travelled in more than 129 countries around the globe discovering and studying different cultures and related arts.

Irwin is an astute collector of contemporary arts and primitive ethnic artifacts. With his incredible talent, Irwin created quite a stir in the art world, launching a new powerful style described by experts as “powerful, overwhelming and unbelievably original”. Irwin started painting while he retired. When interviewed on what was the trigger of his new late carrier he responds: “PAINTING IS MY ULTIMATE PASSION”.

While he is a very skilled musician, he says: “I could not really improvise on my clarinet and felt that with a brush my imagination could run its course. There is no limit to what you can paint and how you do it”. Irwin is starting to exhibit in London and New York.

Irwin is a late revealed artist who will be known quickly!



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